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Tampon Cocktails, Armpit Cheese and Other Tasty Bits

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Last month was interesting to say the least. From sexting chatbots to tampon garnished cocktails and robot delivery dogs - here's what you missed in May.

The New State of Innovation - Digital Solutions To Human Problems


Sex advice service Juicebox recently launched a chatbot, informed by sexperts and erotic fiction writers. The bot, named Slutbot, encourages users to practice sexting in a safe environment by providing education and advice on issues like consent, while also offering “erotic stimulus”. Users can choose to interact with a female, male or non-binary bot.

Ready for some juicy stats? 49% of people sext, and 70% of 18-24-year-olds sext (hey look, you do you.)

Watch Out For The Parcel Puppies

German automotive manufacturer Continental has announced their Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE). The CUbE is a self-driving vehicle that transports robot dogs called ANYMals (get it?) to local neighborhoods and deploys them to deliver packages straight to the doorstep. As demand for automated parcel delivery is rising, Continental believe these robot dogs will "increase availability, efficiency and safety" in the e-commerce value.

The best part? It performs a little victory dance when delivering the package.

The Emperor Wears Virtual Clothes

Scandinavian retailer Carlings created a digital-only clothes capsule collection intended to reduce wasted clothing and be the fashion industry’s take on crowd pleaser Fortnite (because what brand isn't these days). The “Neo-Ex” collection works by users uploading a posed picture of themselves after purchase digital pieces. Carling’s team of 3D designers then fit the clothes to the image to make it look realistic.

Our opinions of the actual collection may vary, but we’re all in love with the fact that all revenue goes to WaterAid.

From Innovators To Statement Makers - Taste Is Having A Moment

Celebrity Crotch Curd Now Available

The new Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition called “Bigger than the plate” displays five cheeses made from bacteria taken from the skin of celebrities - including their noses, belly buttons and armpits. Musician and cheesemaker Alex James, chef Heston Blumenthal, rapper Professor Green, food writer and Bake Off contestant Ruby Tandoh and Suggs from the band Madness, all offered up their bacteria for the experiment. They made the cheese by swabbing the five celebrities’ skin, then mixed the bacteria samples with milk.

*Unfortunately* the cheese is not for sampling, so there will be no reporting back on the actual taste. Shame.

Tampon Garnished Cocktails All Around

The Ohio based bar Yuzu takes themed cocktails to a whole new level with their new drink “Even Can’t Literally”, a blood-colored berry flavored margarita with a tampon applicator as garnish. Naturally this caused major backlash online, as commenters critised the cocktail for mocking women. Fair enough - we even can’t literally believe they would name a drink something that ridiculous.

Bartender Sarah Kreuger said she created the cocktail as a way to raise women’s health awareness. For every drink purchase, $1 goes to the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center in Cleveland. Kreuger went on to explain that they decided that “if someone doesn’t want the actual tampon in their drink, they can donate that tampon as well. They can get the drink and say ‘donate the tampon, we just want the drink’ and we’ll still donate the dollar to the woman’s shelter.” While we’re all for raising women’s health awareness, we’re just not sure putting tampons in drinks is the best way to do it. Either way, we’ll never look at a Bloody Mary the same way again.

Sticking To Fresh

Each year, up to 50% of all food produced worldwide goes to waste amounting in over $1 trillion in losses (and a shit ton of unnecessary food waste obvs). StixFresh is a new startup whose aim is to reduce food waste by creating stickers that can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 2 weeks longer. All you need to do is apply the sticker to the fruit, and watch that beautiful, ripe avocado stay juicy for days.

How is this possible you ask? We won’t get into the scientific intricacies of it all, but basically the sticker contains an all-natural compound that creates a protective layer around the fruit, extending its shelf life. StixFresh is still active on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, and have currently raised almost £12K, over 300% of their goal amount. *Take my money*

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