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Stranger Things at CES 2019

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Granted CES is known for its wacky inventions, this year was especially weird. From connected kettlebells to robots made for the sole purpose of loving you, here are the best and most bonkers bits from CES 2019.

1. Purrsong Lavviebot Smart Litter Box

Cleaning your cat's litter box is probably not the highlight of your day, which is why we're beyond excited by PurrSong's new innovation: LavvieBot. This smart litter box automates everything, so you only have to empty it every 2 to 3 weeks thanks to its auto-refilling system.

The best part? It send you a text when your cat has done its business.

2. Lovot

Surprise, surprise - Japan (startup Groove X) created another robot. The "Lovot" is a cuddly little gadget, whose only mission is to make you happy. It's designed to behave like a real being, and to "nurture people’s capacity to love” by demanding affection of it's owner. When Lovot wants to be picked up and cuddled, it waves its little arms in the air, and will even follow you around your home on its wheels. It may have big cartoon eyes and soft teddybear fur, but we considering we couldn't even keep our Tamagotchis alive for more than a week so the idea of being responsible for the neglect of Lovot might be more harmful than helpful. Also, the idea of having robots sneak up on me in our own homes is terrifying.

*judging you*

3. Foldimate

Yes we are millennials, and yes this is an extremely necessary gadget.

All you have to is manually insert items of clothing into the Foldimate, and about five seconds later, the machine spits them out, perfectly folded and ready to put away. The company estimates that the machine can get through a whole load of laundry in around five minutes.

If you don't think this is the invention of 2019 you're either crazy or you're lying to yourself.

4. Omron's Forpheus Ping-Pong Playing Robot

Yeah sure, why not. this guy records your every move, learns your movements, figures out your weaknesses and then drills you on them, ensuring you improve in the right places. Dare we guess this is another Japanese invention..?

5. JaxJox Connected Kettlebell

Last, and least necessary, the "connected kettlebell" by JaxJox.

As you'd expect, it’ll keep track of your reps, sets and workout time through a connected app - then pop it on its charging base and you can change its weight from between 6kg and 20kg.

We can only imagine the consumer base this product will have.

Well, there you go, the must-haves for the trend aware tech consumer 2019.

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