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Summer Roundup

Ah summer days... Self isolating and dreaming of going on holiday seems to be the theme of the season this year. As we're planning our social distancing activities, we've gotten deep into some of the most popular (and weird) COVID-friendly summer activities going on around the world (you won't be disappointed):

Drive In Parties Are All The Rave

Although this didn’t end up being the summer we all hoped for, the pandemic has put the entertainment industry’s creativity to the test when it comes to live entertainment. Enter the drive-in festival, where visitors can enjoy the live experience from a socially responsible distance. Here are 3 examples of drive-in festivals happening this summer:


1. Road Rave

Superstar trap DJ Carnage organized Road Rave, a drive-in EDM festival, to bring club-goers, music lovers, and rave fans the ultimate summer concert, adjusted for the current Covid-19 pandemic. Attendees are asked to wear masks and avoid dancing or grouping with anyone outside of the up to six-person party they came with.


2. No Parking On The Dance Floor

Disco Donnie Presents has organized a drive-in music festival, called No Parking On The Dance Floor, to resurrect live yet safe entertainment for music fans amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The unique touring festival utilizes drive-in movie theater venues and boasts a lineup of different DJs with EDM and dubstep backgrounds.


3. Uptown Drive-In Experience

Yankee Stadium has sat empty since the postponement of the MLB, but Marco Shalma’s MASC Hospitality Group is working to turn the stadium’s parking lot into a drive-in entertainment arena for the upcoming Uptown Drive-In Experience. The festival will feature live music performances, dance showcases, trivia nights, karaoke, comedy shows, and concessions from NYC’s top food and drink vendors.


We only wish that this idea spreads beyond the US now..

Pick Up A New Skill

With all this time on your hands, why not learn something new? We all know there are loads of online courses, but why settle for learning how to code when you could take the weirdest/coolest online courses ever seen:

Power and Responsibility: Doing Philosophy with Superheroes The Marvel Cinematic Universe and all its offshoots have brought comic book and superhero culture further into the mainstream than ever before; apparently even into academia and philosophy. In the edX coursePower and Responsibility: Doing Philosophy with Superheroes, created by SmithsonianX and the Harvard Division of Continuing Education, you can study the philosophical quandaries of Spider-Man's struggle with great power and responsibility or Superman's duty to uphold truth and justice. You don’t even need to like superheroes to take up this course AND you get to learn how to understand and discuss philosophical ideas through superhero movies. Let's all book it right now, guys.

Stop Being Lazy

Literally a class to teach us how to get off our asses and stop being lazy. What more could we ask for. If you can get over procrastinating to sign up to this Unacademy course, you'll learn more about why you procrastinate, and how you can overcome it. The best part about this course? It's FREE. There's no excuse not to sign up (well, other than being to lazy, which, let's be real, we can all relate to at this point..)

Disney Imagineering For A Heck Of A Ride

Well this is for sure our favourite course yet (the name alone???). Walt Disney and Khan Academy have crafted this FREE roller coaster ride for anyone who is in love with theme parks. If you’ve ever been to a theme park and been inspired by the sheer imagination that has gone into it and wondered how it has come to life, this course will be just the thing you are looking for – from story development and conceptual design, to math, physics and engineering – to create a magical, immersive experience. Ugh, the magic.

First, you learn about experiential storytelling and the difference between an amusement park and a theme park. They also explore how storytelling and theme can impact every decision made in the design. What do you want to do in the themed land of your own creation? In this session, you are introduced to a range of possible attractions within your themed land. Build your own character: In your final lesson, you decide who you want to meet in your land and how to create them

Or A New Sport

Yes, why not take the time to master a new sport - coming out of lockdown looking bench and beating your mates at these weird-as-fuck sports?



The only sport in the world that can be won by knockout or checkmate, chessboxing is a test of brawn and brain. Invented by the Dutch performance artist lepe Rubingh, matches consist of 11 alternating rounds (six of chess, five of boxing) that last three minutes each. If the bout goes the distance and the game of chess finishes as a draw, the winner is decided by whoever is ahead on boxing points.


Shin Kicking

Yes, ouch indeed. Somehow Shin Kicking has a 400 year history and it is still played today(???). The rules are simple - you should make your opponent fall down on his knees by kicking him in his shin. If you do so, you win a round. A match consists of three rounds and the person who wins two out of them is declared as the winner!


Extreme Ironing

Ah yes, why not combine cleaning with extreme sports. Or is it performance art? Possibly both. Competitors who call themselves "ironists" go to a remote location and iron their clothes. The domestic chore has been performed underwater, hanging from cliffs, while skiing or snowboarding and even on top of vehicles. We suggest starting from the comfort of your home, maybe start off less extreme, like standing on one foot, then moving on to one hand etc. Although please keep in mind we are not liable for any injuries caused by stupidity.

That's all, folks! We hope you're all staying safe out there. And don't forget to check out our Instagram @world__wide__weird for more weird and wonderful updates.

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