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Birth Control On-Demand

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

We imagine that's how the idea of direct-to-consumer birth control prescription services started. Either way, we're pleased that it's finally gaining momentum. Affordability and accessibility to women's healthcare has been massively overlooked since pretty much the beginning of time, but thanks to anti-pink tax campaigns and feminine care subscription services, brands are finally stepping up to meet the needs of young socially conscious consumers.

The Pill Club

The Pill Club is a startup that prescribes and packages birth control alongside bars of chocolate and stickers to all women in the U.S., with or without health insurance. They plan to use their recently raised $51 million in Series B funding to expand it's prescription services to the entire country.

*they had us at bars of chocolate*

Some of the good stuff that come in The Pill Club packages 🍭


Maybe you've heard of the "Glossier for dudes" named Hims? No? Ads featuring flaccid cacti against millennial pink backgrounds ring a bell? Hims offers generic erectile dysfunction medication, prescription hair loss treatments, and skincare products direct to consumers. And now, the brand has announced a women-specific counterpart, called Hers. Hers will focus on a few areas of women's wellness: birth control, skincare, and hair loss. For a low bundled price, users can connect with a physician, complete a digital assessment about their health history, and receive a prescription for a generic birth control pill, hair loss treatment, or anti-aging skincare cream.

✨The Glossier of birth control ✨


This American brand does more than just provide women with birth control without insurance for only $20 /month - they also partner with global health organization Population Services International. Their TakeCare GiveCare initiative donates $0.25 for every month of contraceptives purchased to help women in developing regions have access to affordable birth control options.

We 👏 Love 👏 This👏

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